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"Cancer patients who participate in their fight for recovery, along with their healthcare team, will improve the quality of their lives and may enhance the possibility of their recovery."
Harold Benjamin, Ph. D.
Founder, The Wellness Community
(now known as Cancer Support Community)


"The highest compliment you can give is to let other cancer survivors know about us."


To ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge,
strengthened by action, and sustained by community.

If you, or a loved one, are living with cancer, you are not alone. Three out of four families are affected by cancer. It's a difficult time. Dealing with treatment and its side effects can be a struggle for both patients and families. Juggling family, professional and financial responsibilities can be overwhelming. Coping with the emotional burden can be exhausting.

Too often the practical and medical issues push the psychological issues aside. Patients often keep their deepest fears and worries to themselves, reluctant to share thoughts of hopelessness with family members who are supporting and caring for them. Caregivers and loved ones will keep some of their most private emotions to themselves as well, protecting the patient from feelings of anxiety, despair, and even anger. 

The Cancer Support Community Greater Miami is here to help.
And it's FREE.


Cancer Support Community Greater Miami is a place where people find support, education and hope. Our programs are offered in a home-like setting and are available to people with cancer, their families and friends. Based on five core components which are woven into all aspects of our services - Support Programs, Education, Healthy Lifestyle, Social Connections and Resources - the Cancer Support Community Greater Miami is here for you.

Support groups address emotional issues for patients and families. Educational workshops get important questions answered in a non-clinical setting. Stress management programs enhance health and well being. Every program is offered free of charge and led by professionals licensed in their fields of expertise.

We do not offer medical treatments, alternative treatments, or hospice care. Our services are offered as a complement to conventional treatment, although anyone undergoing any kind of cancer care is welcome. People come at diagnosis, during or at the end of treatment, at recurrence or several years out of treatment. They all come to learn they are not alone in their fight--whether for physical, emotional or spiritual recovery. Together, they regain a sense of control over their lives and ultimately discover that hope is a valuable tool irrespective of the stage of disease.

We also offer culturally appropriate programs in Spanish to increase our ability to reach out to the diverse population in our region. We are also reach out to the Haitian community with a monthly support group in Creole for women with breast cancer. Almost all of our services are provided under one roof, in a setting designed to feel like a home. In order to better meet the needs of our participants, we now offer programs in other locations. Our Pediatric Oncology Programs are held at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, Holtz Children's Hospital and at CSCGM. The Haitian Support Program meets in North Miami and in the medical center in downtown Miami.

The first step to participate in our programs is to make an appointment to attend an Introductory Meeting where you will learn about our FREE cancer support programs.




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