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Cancer Support Community Greater Miami
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Community-minded kids and young adults volunteering their time, talents and resources to raise funds and awareness for local cancer patients and their loved ones.

Over the past few years, the Cancer Support Community Greater Miami has had an increased volunteer base comprised of young advocates who not only appreciate and understand the CSCGM mission, but have a heartfelt interest in giving back to our community. KIDS IN THE COMMUNITY is now a special part of their continued efforts to deliver the highest quality of cancer care support services at no cost to the patient and / or loved one. "Directly impacting our dollars saved and dollars raised, these community-minded kids are performing extraordinary deeds and unselfish acts of kindness. Often these involved kids are not just paying it forward for our non-profit, but they are also doing additional good works for the community at large", said Danielle Spiegelman, CSCGM Executive Director. KIDS IN THE COMMUNITY also serves as the umbrella phrase for all youth-oriented CSCGM projects including fundraising initiatives; awareness opportunities; student internships and special event volunteers.

This feel-good youth movement represents the newest corps of CSCGM volunteers ranging from approximately 10 years old through college aged young adults. These leaders dedicate their time, talent and resources to our existing CSCGM initiatives as well as create new opportunities for awareness and funding. CSCGM hosts student-based internship programs focusing on long-term project management as well as short term special event experience for the past several years. These options provide outlets for those with varied schedules the opportunity to learn and volunteer based on the organization's needs.

For more information about how you can create a KIDS IN THE COMMUNITY project or to interview for a youth-based volunteer opportunity at Cancer Support Community Greater Miami, please contact Danielle Spiegelman at 305-668-5900 or via email at

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