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Children and Teens Programs

The CSCGM Children & Teens Programs offer a variety of group discussions, educational programs, and workshops to children with cancer and their families. Participants will receive support and learn vital tools to cope with a cancer diagnosis, its treatment and the process of recovery. Our free programs are facilitated by mental health professionals trained to work with children with cancer, their parents and siblings. These programs are fun, engaging and developmentally appropriate for children ages 3 to 17.

Art projects, games and creative activities are designed to help release stress and improve communication. Most importantly, children and loved ones learn that they are not alone and that there are other families dealing with these same issues.


1. Help children with cancer process feelings, adapt to stress of their illness, skill build and learn through age-appropriate interventions including therapeutic play.

2. Give well siblings an opportunity for safe expression regarding how cancer has affected them by providing developmentally appropriate support for their needs.

3. Help parents address their own emotional needs so they can better manage the tasks of parenting a child with cancer.

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